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Can I Just Live?

There’s always something, y’all. In the history of mankind, there’s never been a solid year of complete peace. Whether there be discourse within a country or between multiple countries, peace has never successfully happened. Why? Because that’s life!
One of my uncles used to say, “For as long as you live, you’ll either be going through something, coming out of something, or getting ready to go through something” and when I say I understand that now more than ever… I UNDERSTAND. I’ve been tempted to say the ‘pass this cup from me’ prayer but I realize that if I pray that prayer, and the Lord grants me what I’m praying for, I could be passing on abundant blessings that come after the struggles.

I know I’m not the only one that’s been tired of struggling. There have been so many times that I’ve tried to think of get rich quick schemes or ways that I could pole-vault my writing career to success but I was quickly brought back to reality when everything finally settled in; ‘Jewel you really gotta work you’re a** off, girl! Get to going and get it done!’ But LAWDAMERCY… when will I get to the point where I can just chill? When will I get to the point where ALL of my bills can seamlessly be on autopay, Lord? When will I be able to tip the deliveryman without regretting it a few days later? When will I be able to just be?

I’m sure I’ll have my answer soon. Probably when I’ve finally ‘made it’, as a writer, and have all my bills on autopay. I’ve been busting my lazy behind more than I ever have IN MY LIFE, fam. It’s all going to pay off soon. I feel it.

by Jewel Newsome

By day, I’m a military-trained Human Resources Manager & work as a writer and remote personal assistant. By night, I’m an experience-trained motivational & self-help writer and slayer of kid’s bedtimes.


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