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broken only to be fixed again

She stands. Broken in front of a perfect mirror. Tired of feeling distorted from all the hurt he hurled her way.

She thinks. About all the things she could have done to protect herself in this very reflection.

She breathes. Deeply as she reminds herself that forgetting and moving on from hurt will be the only thing to save her from being trapped in sorrow.

She clenches. Her fists as she reencounters every memory, every second of each memory, and every time he left her wounded.

She lashes. Smashing both fists on the mirror as it shatters along with the pain he left engraved in her identity.

She smiles. Feeling free from being a prisoner in her own emotions and his past.

She rises. Knowing that because she has fallen so hard, she can only go up.

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by makeeliajordan

I am a writer , photographer and body positive queen . I recently hit the reset button on my body , mind , and soul and have embraced change . I started to push myself out of my comfort zone and put my work out there. Most people call me confident , but I prefer the term "boss bitch". I am an open book and I can't wait to share my visions with the world.

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