Poetry & Art

body weight

holding it together
when my insides feel out
my body
carrying the weight of thousands of thoughts
my body
sturdy as a ship in a sea
she creaks and moans under stress
crashing into days like waves
she holds her body
her shape keeps its form
and function
doesn’t seem likely while she goes
through the motions
heavy steps
heavy head
heavy body can’t feel her own weight

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by Liz Beeson

Liz Beeson is a photographer, writer and digital producer whose work focuses on story and discovery. Liz is heavily involved in women’s rights and currently serves on the communications committee for the New York Women’s Foundation and Girls on the Run. Liz is a culture enthusiastic and believes that artistic expression creates better communities and she is excited to explore ways in which the arts can address today’s societal issues. In her spare time, she is a consultant for small nonprofits and co-founded an all female dance krewe called Big Apple Babes.


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