Stefania Ponitz
36-year-old female, +15.000 hours of meditation in the bank. The last few years I haven't worked as a therapist because I thought, who am I to tell somebody what to do, when I'm not a 100% myself? It's because of the questions I asked, the answers I found and the willingness to bring everything into practice, that I remain standing today. So now I ask, who am I to deny anyone that knowledge? When I was 28 years old, I discovered I had PTSD and I've had it for 20 years. That explained a lot! It explained my fascination with emotions and the depth of life and the reason I became a therapist in the first place. When I finally found the answers I had been looking for my whole life through years of education, self-examination, having a private practice and research. My suppressed trauma came rushing to the surface and subjected my techniques to the ultimate test. Turns out my techniques are awesome yet I was wrong to think they would fix everything nor would there be a quick fix! I couldn't just meditate my way out of this one. The truth is my whole mental, emotional and physical foundation had to be restructured and rebuild from the ground up. It was in one word brutal but I learned more, working on myself then I ever would have teaching and healing others. The last 2 years I've been emotionally stable but I'm still working on structuring and stabilizing my foundation. Meditation, clean eating, exercise and connecting with others are the pillars of my self-improvement regiment.
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