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A Love Letter To You

I hope you find this letter
by the dried salted runways
run down both your cheeks
you’ve played every love song on repeat
aching skin and bleeding knuckles
as if the pain you feel can be physically shed
looking at your mirror but feeling nothing but hate
a stranger, yet you’ve known this person all your life
you’ve loved all the wrong things, all the wrong ones
but I hope you find this letter, before more damage is done
I just want to let you know, I’ve always loved you
the moment we opened our eyes
I met you with our first breath, we molded as one
Nowadays, it seems like you’ve forgotten about me
but I still loved you, yes. I still loved you when you cried
over someone that broke your heart
when you were so angry, you pierced me too
I know every lyric of every love song ever written
Even when you stared at me in contempt
you didn’t see me holding us together but I still love you
I’m just waiting for you to love me and perhaps
it’s that love you keep running from
So, I ask you. How long until you realize, I’m the one
You need to love
I’m You.


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by Leisharn Gregory

Hi, my name is Leisharn Gregory. I'm a writer under the pseudonym of Liem. You can find my poetry under liempoetry on Instagram, and Facebook.

I’m an Australian Indigenous (Kija) & Northern Japanese women, born in Western Australia. My interests are in Art and writing. I love reading about Molecular biology, Astrology, Mythology, and the connection between science, and spirituality. Through my love of science, esoteric and metaphysical knowledge, I can see the connection between stories of creation from ancient cultures, and modern-day science; like a hidden bridge lost in symbolism.
I believe it's much easier to memorise through inter-generational storytelling; an example the Petroglyphs and Pictograms in ancient rock art (before writing was invented) before we were able to write down and easily distribute scientific terminology and knowledge, whether it be in mathematical equations, biological, chemical processes, names, classification, and the order of which they fall into in our plant and animal kingdoms, etc universal law.

I'm currently studying a Diploma in Psychotropic Plants and Hypnotherapy PL regression, and due to enrol in further studies to enhance my knowledge of similar sciences. I have a great love for reading, I love a good cup of coffee (methylanxines) and spending time with my little family.

I get great satisfaction out of connecting, inspiring and motivating people, in my opinion, we are all important no matter what race, socioeconomic status, physical aesthetic etc. I believe in the power of positivity, Inclusion and Love, and I always follow my heart.

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