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Every day, riddled with a deep consciousness of being but knowing the abnormality in the way I dare, life may not last. “Normal” living has me confined. There is more to our lives than the average joe style. Without the hope of something more significant, beyond one perspective, I fear there is little reason to continue.

Inside is where power flows, leaking from my fingers. The pulse flowing paint across a canvas, the ink staining the white sheet of paper. The perspective here is shared, vulnerable as the self who set free a secret kept from the judgment wars.

What else is there, beyond materials that burn in a fire, that lasts longer than decomposing shells? Art, much like a warrior legacy, can continue in immortality if its content is pure-hearted with an intent to turn the world as we know it into better.

by srsheffield

My passion lies within the Fine Arts.

Creative writing is my calling. I write poetry, short stories, fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, romance, fanfiction, and truth be told I will not cap my writing at just these. I have expanded my writing love into the realms of copywriting and hope to build my entire life around my passion.

I thoroughly enjoy drawing, walking in nature, reading, and recently, I discovered a love for Arteza's metallic paints and the act of painting. There is something magnetic about the Fine Arts, her power, her beauty, and her ability to envoke emotions and changes.

As a person, I enjoy coffee, dogs as pets, all animal lives matter, music in most genres, cruizing the USA, diners, walking trails at nature centers, looking at maps, asking questions, and library visits. (This list can just go on. I suffer from depression, which has led to a mission of discovering everything there is to love about living.)

Currently reading: A Year of Writing Dangerously, In The Buddha's Words, the Missouri Review.
Books I Recommend: Sula, The Alchemist, Woman World.


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