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5 Mindfulness Techniques to Help Enjoy Your Life

First off, make sure you are making yourself a priority, and pretending to go on social media doesn’t count. Yes, I know you are probably busy too, but I ask that you at least try. I work a full-time job and a part-time job while taking care of my son, but I am trying my hardest to make it work. Making yourself a priority is not selfish, if you are unable to care for yourself, how can you care for your children?

I encourage you to take just 10 minutes a day to do absolutely nothing. Close your eyes and focus on how the clothes feel on your body, the sounds you hear around you and the warmness of your breath when you inhale along with the coolness that comes out. I am lucky that my job offers free daily meditation classes. It only lasts 10 minutes and helps me get through the work day. Meditation apps on your phone are a great tool for this also!

Live for today. Try not to dwell on the past or the future, focus on right now. It is easy for your thoughts to drift, but if you come back and refocus it is okay. Think about what you are grateful for, it can be for the littlest things but as long as it makes you happy that is all that matters.

Do something nice for someone. The other day I was at a store parking lot and it was raining hard. I saw a mother putting her baby in the stroller, but struggling since she still had to get her other child out of the car. I simply put my umbrella over the baby in the stroller and told her to go ahead and get her son, so everyone stays somewhat dry. I walked with her inside the store and she was so grateful for my help. I felt even better because I helped someone who really needed it and it was effortless for me.

Forgive yourself. No matter what we do we will feel guilty of our decisions. If you were talking to a friend and they said the same thing you are telling yourself in your head, would you respond the same way? Be kind to yourself and know you are doing the best that you can.

I hope these tips are helpful and useful. With mindful practice we will be able to enjoy our life more and not by what we see on our phones. We are so pressured to to prove to strangers that our lives are perfect even when you know deep down no one is. Stay strong and be safe.

by Nicole Desantis

Nicole is a full time working mother who runs Our Robins Nest (http://ourrobinsnest.net), a platform to educate, support and raise awareness around modern day motherhood. Nicole helps create a lifestyle for moms who 'just don't have the time'. She shares easy recipes, simple DIY's and affordable styles. She is an advocate for maternal mental health which is reflected in her work as well.


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